Forgot the scarf photo



The end of the scarf story

Roll, knead, microwave, hot water, cold water, dryer, trim and sew ends together and voila, an infinity scarf! 

OPEN STUDIO weekend is November 21-22.  I will be at 45 Marshall Avenue, Guilford, CT.  Go to to download a map

Unraveling: A World APART

I just entered this fabric map piece into the annual Leonardo Challenge at the Eli Whitney Museum in New Haven.  The challenge was to take a known map and transform it,   to find a new purpose, meaning or message far from the creator’s perspective.  So with apologies to Rand McNally……

I usually try to keep my work from unraveling,  but I seem to be playing with loose threads these days.   


Teachable moment

Have loved teaching my grand kids to take up the craft.  They now appreciate what goes into a design and the shear tedium of throwing the shuttle row after row.  But there is pride at the end of a job well done.