Name that rug

I need to name all my weavings. This photo shows the fabric used (apples on blue background) to weave the rug. So do I call the final piece “Rotten Apples”? It looks like chili peppers or lobsters to me. Your thoughts are welcome.



Friday November 1st. Opening

Opening reception for Shoreline ArtsTrail at Wall Street Gallery in Madison, CT. preview works by many of the artists who will have their studios open November 23-24. Join me from 5-7 and enjoy some wine and nibbles, meet some artists, see some art and have some fun. The exhibit is there all of November.

D’s Harris Tweed Revisited: Shaker style with twisted weft and braided trim

Seeing red continued

Still seeing red due to lack of sleep, bad world news, crazy politics, powder post beetles and dark mornings. My antidote? Weave that red into some magic carpets. Voila… The seeing red series is laid to rest…for now.