Fiber, Form, Function


Yarn, fabric, thread, found objects, dyes and paints, t-shirts and old jeans — these are just some of the things you’ll find at fiber artist Carol Grave’s studio. It’s number 17 on your Shoreline ArtsTrail map, located at 1298 Moose Hill Road in Guilford.

Why the collection of varied supplies? “All of these elements are waiting to be turned into rugs, quilts, wall hangings, afghans, clothing and accessories,” Carol explains. “The colors and texture excite me, and I can’t wait to make something new from something old.”

Carol has been a studio weaver for over 20 years, but the development of her craft began with sewing in the 10th grade and knitting in college. She learned to weave in her 20s.

“At first, I loved the symmetry and the mathematics of each discipline,” she says. “But, more and more, I want to push the structure, soften the edges, combine techniques.”

Today, the title “fiber artist” seems to best suit her. “Now, I’m exploring other textile forms: fabric collage, art quilts, photo transfer, dyeing and felting.”

But form follows function for this creative, experimental spirit. “Perhaps my practical gene causes me to make my pieces of art functional in some way, whether it’s a rug to tramp on, a shawl to cuddle in or simply a window shade with thermal properties.”

Carol is a founding member of the Shoreline ArtsTrail, which is celebrating its 11 year anniversary thanks to the solid foundation she created for us.

You can see some of Carol’s amazing work on her website. Or be sure to visit her studio during the Shoreline ArtsTrails Open Studios Weekend, November 17-18, 2012. For more information, visit

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– by Jen Payne, Words by Jen


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